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CoHIA Quarterly Meetings & Training

CoHIA objectives include supporting and encouraging regular training sessions, workshops, and special investigative seminars.
CoHIA strives to bring meaningful training opportunities to its members at each quarterly meeting.

The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday – 2020 from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Location: Department, 2255 W Berry Ave Littleton, CO 80120
Training: Cold Case Foundation - A member of the Cold Case Foundation will speak to the group about the
problems, missions, and solutions in assisting with cold case investigations.

Make sure to RSVP and let us know you are coming so we can provide adequate refreshments and instruction materials.
Come early for refreshments, snacks and networking.

Please R.S.V.P. to: or call: (720) 874-3613

Case presentations are welcome at future meetings but please schedule in advance in order to allow enough time and adequate multi-media!
Do you have a training suggestion or case to present?

Future CoHIA Meeting & Training Information

1st Quarter Meeting 2020: Wednesday - TBD
Presentation: TBD

Other Training Information


FREE Cold Case Homicide Investigation 16-Hour POST Certified Training Course

Location: TBD

The course objective is to provide participants with an overview of proven strategies for resolving previously unsolved homicide cases "Cold Cases" under best practice investigative processes and strategies for cold cases, incorporating evidence testing and DNA forensic technology.

If you are interested in attending either of the Cold Case Homicide Investigation training classes or have questions,
please send an email to or call 303/239-5764.

Please let us know if you are hosting a training and would like to post it on the CoHIA site: or call (720) 508-6732

Past CoHIA Trainings

November 6, 2019
  Necrosearch, Clark Davenport; Case Presentation for Mikhail Tsar and Brian Johnson in Russia, Joe Kistle; NCMEC Resources, Team Adam Response, Attempted Abductions, CART
September 4, 2019
  Bloodhound Man-Trackers, Frank Hurst and Brian Eberle Co-Founders
April 17, 2019
  Familial DNA and Genetic Geneaology Analysis, Mitch Morrissey
February 6, 2019
  Homicide Case Presentation
December 5, 2018
  Cold Case Foundation Presentation
April 4, 2018
  Homicide Investigations in Facilities, Investigator Ali Thompson
December 6, 2017
  Aurora Theater Shooting
Sept 6, 2017
  Clandestine graves, FLIR, hydrology, geophysical surveys, ground penetrating radar and metal detectors. Necrosearch case studies.
April 5, 2017
  Cancelled training
January 18, 2017
  Investigator Duqiue specializes in Article IV Prosecutions which allow a prosecution to take place in a foreign country
when the perpetrator has fled to his home country to avoid prosecution here.
November 16, 2016
  Diane France presented on Recovery of remains and evidence from clandestine graves and analyzing human vs nonhuman bones.
September 7, 2016
  Pueblo County SO presented on a 2013 triple homicide. Structure fire with three dead bodies found inside with gunshot wounds.
May 4, 2016
  Jessica Ridgeway Case From an Investigator's Viewpoint
January 27, 2016
  FBI Special Agent Jon Grusing presented on Colorado serial killer Scott Kimball
November 4, 2015
  Chief Tim Carlson and Commander Todd Reeves - Jessica Ridgeway case presentation
September 2, 2015
  Lindsey Gutterman and Richard Schlesinger from the CBS News show 48 Hours and 1990 Nancy Schoupp missing person case review
May 6, 2015
  Joe DeAngelo - “Detection of Deception Through Linguistic Analysis”
January 7, 2015
  Detectives George Gray and Gerard Alarcon, Denver PD Graffiti / Gang Unit, Tagging/Hybrid Crews
November 5, 2014
  Dan Edwards, Sr. Assistant Attorney General of Arapahoe County DA's Office, Discovery
August 6, 2014
  Special Agent John Hersley, Presentation on the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation
April 2, 2014
  Tom Griffin- presented on Necro Search International
February 5, 2014
  Steve Ainsworth with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office presented on equivocal death investigation.
November 6, 2013
  Take the "I" out of interviewing by Investigator Larry Adkisson, Colorado Attorney General's Office
July 17, 2013
  Matt Lunn with the Arapahoe County Coroner's Office presented on Child Death Investigaitons to include evidence of trauma along with reenactments.
April 10, 2013
  Taking Videotaped Statements From Targets, Presented by Assistant DA Michael Dougherty 1st Judicial District and Assistant DA Ryan Brackley 20th Judicial District
January 16, 2013
  Court Room Testimony presented by Craig Truman Denver Defense Attorney
October 3, 2012
  Forensic Artist, Cynthia Marsh and NIBIN presented by Steve Oster of CBI
July 11, 2012
  Advanced Homicide Investigation: Motive, Signature, & the Contextual Environment
May 9, 2012
  Cell phone Technology in Investigations Presented by FBI Spec Agent Scott Eicher
January 11, 2012
  Use of Wiretaps in Cold Case Homicide Investigations, Deputy Attorney General Michael Dougherty, First Assistant District Attorney Ryan Brackley ( Boulder )and Attorney General’s Investigator Paul Goodman
October 5, 2011
  Use of the Grand Jury in Cold Case Homicide Investigations presented by Staff from the Attorney General's Office
August 3, 2011
  Inv Kelly Eliassen from 18th Judicial District Attorney's office Witness Protection Team, with Investigator Mike Heylin; Investigator Harris of the Denver District Attorney's Office Witness Protection Team, numerous issues they faced in the Darrent Williams Homicide trial
June 1, 2011
  AIC Katie Fetherston - Presentation on basic DNA analysis, YSTR and mt DNA analysis, Katie’s Law, CODIS and familial searching;
Case presentation from Steve Conner - Aurora Police Department
March 30, 2011
  Case Presentations - Greeley PD/Weld County DA and Arapahoe County SO
Dec 8, 2010
  Charles S. DeFrance, Special Agent, FBI Denver Division - External and Terminal Ballistics Training
July 7, 2010
  Tom Adair, Blood Spatter
April 7, 2010
  Hillary Potter - Presented on Intimate Partner Abuse - focusing on homicide
January 6, 2010
  Chris Ross - Presented on No Body Homicide Prosecution
October 7, 2009
  John San Augustin - Presented the Complex Case and Persuading the Jury
July 8, 2009
  Tom Griffin of the CBI Laboratory presented crime scene reconstruction through event analysis.
Investigators Bruce Isaacson and Marv Brandt of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office presented an unsolved case.
April 22, 2009
  Gentry Roth, CBI - DNA technology; Investigator Jim Burkhalter, Jefferson County DA's Office - Hyponsis in criminal cases & Dr. Holly Hedegaard & Lora Thomas - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Colorado Violent Death Reporting System.
January 7, 2009
  Sgt. Bob Schaffer - Linguistic Statement Analysis Technique
November 12, 2008
  Stacy McCoy - FBI's ViCAP Unit - New ViCAP web based program
July 9, 2008
  Dr. Michael Doberson and Dr. Kelly Lear-Kaul - Arapahoe County Coroner's Office -Gunshot wounds, knife wounds and time of death.
April 17, 2008
- Supervisory Special Agent William H. "Rocky" Donaldson FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit III - Child abduction, sexual assault, and murder that occurred in Crothersville, Indiana, Child Abduction Response Plan (CARP) and typologies of child sex offenders.
Supervisory Special Agent Jody Kramer FBIs Behavioral Analysis Unit II - serial murder investigations and definitions, myths and legends, causality, motivations, and investigative resources. The Bureaus Highway Serial Killer Initiative
January 30, 2008
Agent Chris Schaefer, Colorado Bureau of Investigaiton
Unsolved Homicide Jessica Bejarano & Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Presentation
November 14, 2007
State Representative Cheri Johns - Proposed DNA Legislation
Lieutenant John Priest, Denver Police Department Safeway Homicide
July 31, 2007
FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit:
SSA Leonard Johns, FBI-Applied criminology for the trained investigator
Timothy Keel, Detecting clues in homicide management
April 23, 2007
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Tom Adair, Criminalist, Westminster Police Department-Footwear evidence
The Dutch approach to DNA and cold cases
Hurricane Katrina-Identifying the dead
Space imaging-law enforcement information
Global positioning satellite
Missing and Exploited children
TWA Flight 800
Autoerotic deaths
Mass disasters and body recovery
February 2003
Westminster Police Department Criminalist Chris Pardo-2 homicide cases
Detective AC Stutson-Courtroom presentations
October 2002
Thornton Police Department Investigators Kelly Eliassen and Mike Heylin-Major case training
Necro Search
January 31, 2002
Dr. Phillip Danielson, Assistant Professor, University of Denver, Department of Biological Sciences Bio Terrorism
A primer for first responders and detectives
March 19, 2001
Investigating officer involved shootings
August 9, 2000
Fort Collins Police Department
March 29, 2000
Investigator Kate Battan, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Columbine High School shootings
October 20, 1999
Dr. Michael Dobersen Child fatality investigations
March 1999
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Dr. Michael Dobersen Child fatality investigation
October 1, 1998
FBI Critical Incident Response Group-VICAP Boulder Police Department-Unsolved murder of Susannah Chase
April 1, 1998
Dr. Wibur Richie, Coroner and Forensic Odontologist-special presentation
December 11, 1997
Unsolved homicide workshop SSA Ron Walker, FBI-VICAP
Al Price presented an unsolved case
July 30, 1997
Dr. Robert Pickering, Forensic Anthropologist-Recovery and identification of skeletonized remains
February 5, 1997

SA John Harrison, IRS-IRS contribution toward murder investigation
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of Violet Neuman
Morgan County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of William Tribach
Larimer County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of Jessica Arrendondo
Larimer County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of Baby Faith
Fremont County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of Jane Doe
Aurora Police Department - unsolved murder of Tangie Sims
Guest Speaker - Gale Norton, Attorney General

October 2, 1996
Tom Griffin-Necro Search
Douglas County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of Jane Doe
Thornton Police Department-unsolved murder of Lisa Belville
Manitou Springs Police Department & El Paso County Sheriff's Office-unsolved murder of Margruitte Hicks
Wheat Ridge Police Department-unsolved murder of Kay Bodway
Unknown District Attorney's Office-unsolved murder of Ellis Richard
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